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TOSH Interactive Music Events in the Tent: Monday July 26 - We Sing, You Sing, We All Sing Together with Rosemary Lindsay, Kelly Townsend and Narissa Young


11 am to 12 noon
Maximum 40 people tickets by donation to TOSH
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Please note this workshop might be recorded.

Rosemary Lindsay has enjoyed a varied career as a voice teacher, choral conductor and singer, (currently the voice and choral instructor at VIU). Acupressure and Yoga also feature among her skills. Rosemary brings compassion and curiosity to all her teaching, integrating her understanding of the voice and the breath, and her knowledge of the body and movement into all her teaching. 

Kelly Townsend has been song-catching and song-leading since 2001. Teaching all the parts by ear is her thing. Everyone from inexperienced beginners to experienced singers are welcome in a paper-free community song circle.

Narissa Young - vocal enthusiast/activist
Career vocalist, songwriter, recording artist and multi instrumentalist Narissa brings her passion for connection through the joy and healing power of music. Her many years of performance experience have taught her that life is an improvisation. “In the arena of sound we are the instruments, frequency is the palette”.