Teen Printing 2 day workshop | Brooke Emily | July 13 and 20th| 11am - 2pm


Teen Textile Printing Workshop with Brooke Emily
July 13th and 20th, 
11 am to 2 pm

Ages 12-19!

This super fun opportunity for youth is provided by a grant from the ROTARY CLUB OF QUALICUM BEACH


Teen Participants will bring their own textiles for class. They can purchase plain clothing items (blank tees or sweatshirts) or look for thrifted items from SOS, Value Village, Salvation Army to bring. 

Their homework will be to come up with a design before class and email it to info@theoldschoolhouse.org so that it can mirrored digitally to show what it needs to look like in a backward format. 

At the end of 2 days of classes, they can bring their stamp home with them so that they can continue to make more textile merch, if they like. 

Class Format: Saturday July 13th and Saturday July 20th, 11 to 2pm 

Day 1: Students will carve their designs and practice using inks on paper to ensure their design is up to their own standard/see if they need to make any edits before printing onto clothing.

Day 2: Printing onto clothing. Today will be the day that students print their designs onto their textiles.


Students will bring their own recycled clothing or textiles,
up to 6 items (tees, hoodies, and so forth), and create a custom design for them. 

All other needed items will be supplied in class!
Thank you to the ROTARY CLUB OF QUALICUM BEACH for sponsoring this Youth Program!