Susan Haigh - Painting - Spring Oak

$240.00 CAD

Susan Haigh - Painting - Gentle Forest

7.5" x 13" mounted

Acrylic on canvas


Susan Haigh was born on Salt Spring Island and feels blessed to have spent a lifetime with close ties to nature. Working in oils or acrylic on canvas or board, she paints vibrant florals and landscapes from her own reference photographs. She works to celebrate some of nature’s ingenious creations, from the centre of a tiny flower to the broad view of a whole landscape. Mimicking the bold designs of nature, her paintings echo the excitement and relentless energy of all life.

 In the eighties Susan Haigh studied at the Victoria College of Art. Over the ensuing years she has been represented by numerous galleries and she continues to show her work in juried art exhibitions. As a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, she takes part in many of their themed art shows at the Federation Gallery in Vancouver.

 "My work speaks for itself and its main message is ‘we live on an amazing and beautiful planet’. It champions the fragile and yet resilient natural world, the world we all need to cherish and protect."