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Rikke Melgaard Liffiton - wood - Christmas Nisse Tree

$10.00 CAD

Rikke Melgaard Liffiton - wood - Christmas Nisse Tree

8cm height and 3cm width

About the Author

Rikke was born and raised in Denmark but is now living on Vancouver Island, BC with her Canadian husband and their two sons.

With an understanding of both Danish and North American Christmas traditions, she has married the tradition of the Danish Christmas Nisse to the North American Christmas celebrations to create a fairy tale come true.

Nærvær is a Danish word that is very dear to Rikke. Translated it means being present in the moment. All small gestures of kindness and love can create memories that can be held in our hearts and in our thoughts.

Rikke notes that even though The Christmas Nisse has made some cultural changes traveling overseas to North America, the thought behind The Christmas Nisse has remained the same; they are here to remind us to create special memories filled with Christmas Joy.