Munbeibi Pedestal: White

$54.00 CAD

Adorable Munbeibi Pedestal

About Artist:

Hannah Schuster – Vancouver Island, BC

Munbeibis are hand-painted ceramic stoneware dolls from the moon.

The “Munbeibis” are based on a story Hannah wrote in 2015 about a group of disgruntled alien rocks, which have gently invaded Earth.

Hannah chose the name ‘Munbeibi,’ which means my baby, to represent both the origin of creatures (they hail from the moon) as well as her connection to each -- an overall feeling of creating many tiny children.

Hannah resides with her husband, John, on the West Coast of BC and shows her ceramics in North America and Japan. Hannah’s dream is to create a 15-foot tall Munbeibi in the woods, collaborate with a thoughtful manufacturing company, and make a series of children’s books based on the Munbeibi story.