Mellow Moon Jewelry: Head in the Clouds Earrings

$54.00 CAD

Mellow Moon Jewelry: Head in the Clouds Earrings

Add a touch of whimsy to any outfit with the Head in the Clouds earrings.

Each pair is unique and slightly asymmetrical - therefore they will be quite similar to the photo, but the exact details won’t be the same.

They are handmade from sterling silver, including the earring hooks which are soldered closed for added security.

Each earring is roughly 2 cm OR 3/4 inch wide, and approximately 3 cm OR 1 1/4 inch tall (not including the earring hook), but again, each pair is slightly unique, so these measurements are just a ballpark.

About Nadia Engelstoft - Mellow Moon 

My name is Nadia and I am the woman behind Mellow Moon Jewelry.

Born and raised just outside of Victoria BC, I grew up working with my hands and immersed in arts and crafts. I was lucky enough to be offered jewelry classes in my public high school by an awesome teacher, which jumpstarted me onto the path of silversmithing. Since high school, I have pieced together a small jewelry studio of my own and have continued to hone my skills and teach myself new techniques. I love getting lost in the process. I make everything myself and rarely draw out designs before starting - I usually follow my spontaneous creativity. I am so happy to have found myself on the path of jewelry making. It is my creative outlet. The name “Mellow Moon Jewelry” comes from my partner Evan Cheadle’s song “Mellow Moon.”

I am environmentally conscious and passionate about reducing my footprint. I mostly buy my silver from a small local, family-owned business. This supports the local economy and also reduces the impacts of shipping. I recycle any scrap of silver created in the process by melting it into silver beads used to adorn my work. - Nadia