Peggy Logan - jewellery - Sterling Silver Dogbane necklace

$340.00 CAD

Peggy Logan - jewellery - Sterling Silver Dogbane necklace

About Peggy Logan – Bowser, BC

Peggy Logan graduated from George Brown College in 1983 with a diploma in gold smithing - specializing in enamel. Throughout the years, Peggy worked as a Goldsmith for Vancouver Jewellers, to eventually produce her own line of silver jewellery, and teach for the Vancouver School Board.

As a late bloomer, Peggy continued her education in the arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design - graduating with a BFA in 2017. 

The regeneration of seeds and the variety of forms they can be found in is wonderous. Peggy finds most of her inspiration from these plant-parts, along with other aspects of the anatomy of plants. In her childhood a strong appreciation of modern art was taught which still influences her design sensibilities and can be seen weaving itself through her collection of works.