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Leigh Buchanan - painting - Sun Seed Nuthatch

$400.00 CAD

Leigh Buchanan - painting - Sun Seed Nuthatch

14"x14" Oil on Wood


Growing up in rural Ontario instilled Leigh with a deep appreciation for the natural world. Her painter father first inspired the artistic perspective she has pursued since, looking for the poetry and affirmation in all things living. Leigh now lives on Vancouver Island where she creates art in her home studio. 

Artist Statement

In my studio practice, I use multiple photo references, memory, and imagination to compose the image. Through a process of gestural mark-making and subsequent refinement, I try to enrich the surface and develop layers of meaning and relationship. Everything living can be a portrait with soul.

Elegant colour, movement, the tension created by combining abstraction with figurative: the rural and the urban: the wild and the tame – authentic cultures moving towards each other. I'd like my artwork to have a rippling impact of positivity and beauty, making a deeper contribution to society. - Leigh Buchanan