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Kim Donohoe - Embroidery: Everyone Dreams

$60.00 CAD

Kim Donohoe - Embroidery: Everyone Dreams
Size: 6" x 6" 
About: Kim Donohoe /  Whimsy and Wild (The Feathered Posy)

Whimsy and Wild uses bold colours and whimsical motifs to create freehand embroidery hoop art, and acrylic paintings. Kim Donohoe (she/her) is the artist behind Whimsy and Wild and practices art as a daily act of self-care and mindfulness.

Whimsy and Wild brings joy and amusement to the world, and maybe a few deep thoughts too. Kim’s original embroideries are hand-drawn and hand-stitched laboriously and lovingly over hours and sometimes weeks per project. Her materials are mainly reclaimed and often vintage. She is always striving to improve and learn new techniques.

Kim, her husband, and three kids live just outside of the beautiful Qualicum Beach on 5 acres that they call Wild Ones Farm (after their three little “wild ones”). Living here is the perfect environment, as Kim finds inspiration from the outdoors, animals, plants, and flowers. Kim is also inspired by illustration, typography, tattoo art, and the many creative friends she has met in the Oceanside area.

Kim was creative as a child and always found herself doodling in class. But it wasn’t until she was with her third toddler at a Parent and Tot drop-in where she was reintroduced to painting, that she realized how therapeutic art could be. Picking up acrylic painting and then hand embroidery, followed by watercolour, crochet, knitting and spinning her own yarn, Kim became an avid creator in a quest for wellness and fulfillment.