Jasmine Alexander - painting - Lantzville 1

$110.00 CAD

Jasmine Alexander - painting - Lantzville 1 2021

An abstract landscape of the Lantzville beach.

Watercolour on Paper 8x10 Framed 

Ve(i)l Series 2021

The Ve(i)l series is a collection of works on paper born out of a love for unruly landscapes that contrasted the domestic lifestyles of most Canadians between 2020-2021. Alexander pulls expressionistic landscapes through dancing lines in negative space that give the mountains, valleys, and trees the appearance that they are glowing. "After so many months of living in lockdowns and in an adapted domestic routine, my hikes exploring the BC terrain felt profound and just that - glowing. The land reminds us of its infiniteness, its confident vastness in the face of our anxieties. The rivers, ocean currents, mountains, and plateaus embrace our humanity and our pain, while simultaneously singing and dancing without us. I call the series Ve(i)l because of the veiling and concealing that so many Canadians have felt since March 2020, and how stepping into nature feels like stepping out of the fog, and allowing the self, the id to become childlike.”

About the Artist

Visual artist and designer Jasmine Alexander is known for her organic and ever-evolving practice. Rooted in painting, her work explores the relationship between the Human Condition and nature, dreams, and our connection to the land around us. 
She is based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.