Jan MacLeod - mixed media - 4 pack of cards (various)

$38.00 CAD

Jan MacLeod - mixed media - Plant Papers Bowls (various)

Various colours


A piece of botanical paper ;made entirely from plants and a selection of metallic threads is loosely attached to each card
the individual sheets are signed by Jan MacLeod and if desired can be removed and used as small artworks.

Jan MacLeod Plant Papers Studio – Vancouver, BC 

From her first experiments with gathering plants to make paper, Jan MacLeod has continued to explore and develop a wide range of different papers. 

Plants provide colour and texture with the incorporation of dried flower petals, seeds, leaves and stems.  Jan transforms plant energy into botanical paper that she uses to create original artworks, sculptures, and original art cards.

Over the years she has completed commissions for hotels, businesses and private homes. Her work can also be found in gift shops and galleries across the country.

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