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Join us IN CONVERSATION for an art lecture series this fall at TOSH!   

Through these short lectures and Q&A sessions, we hope to spark your artistic thinking!  

Join Executive Director Illana Hester in a talk on contemporary art, Communications Manager Zoey Clare on the cinematic gaze, Don Emerson as he chats to us about photography and a robust conversation with Ina Griet about creativity! 

October 11th Illana Hester - Contemporary Art: Ideas and the Marketplace 

October 25th  Zoey Clare - Art & the Cinematic Gaze 

November 15th Ina Griet -  The Role of Rational and Emotional thinking in Creativity

November 29th  Don Emerson - Behind the Image...a closer reflection

Time: 11 am to 12:30 pm.
$40 for all 4  

$12 per session entry at the door if we haven’t sold out

Limited to 30 people  

About Illana Hester: 

Illana Hester (she/her)  is the Executive Director of The Old School House Arts Centre, and she is also involved in island wide initiatives that connect island arts councils with digital strategy (

She is very interested in the exploration of relationships within communities and the capacity to use digital tools to make processes easier and more accessible for artists, administrators and supporters of the arts. She is also striving to reduce silos, and to create a wholistic conversations about the arts throughout the region and beyond - she believes in a modality of co-creation and open source resource sharing, especially as a tool towards equitability in access to the arts. 

She holds an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from UBC and a Masters degree from NYU in Visual Art Administration.She worked in the NYC contemporary art market, where she ran many different programs during her over twelve years in the city. 

About Zoey Clare: 

Zoey Heath’s visual eye was honed while attending film school and developed into a career when Zoey was thrown into the role of photographer on film sets. From there, Zoey owned a successful media business, working alongside and managing a team of photographers, videographers and editors to produce various media content for both small and large-scale events. Zoey has worked with multiple high-profile clients including; The Canada Council for the Arts, AOL Canada, the University of Waterloo, The Huffington Post, The Ontario Arts Council, Wilfred Laurier University, and Arts & Crafts Productions.

During the same period, Zoey received awards for scriptwriting, photography and short film projects, organized classic film screenings for Cinematique Waterloo and helped establish an artist-run collective that provided affordable arts space to up-and-coming artists.

Since moving to Nanaimo, Zoey has served on the selection committee for The Vancouver Island Short Film Festival, the board of directors for Hub City Walls and currently works as the Communications Manager at The Old School House Arts Centre.

About Ina Griet: 

"The role of rational and emotional thinking in Creativity"  

The lecture will give an understanding into the role of rational and emotional thinking in Creativity. 

It will be presented in an easy to understand way with humorous examples of everyday life and will show that looking at creativity means looking into the human mind and as such, into the role that the brain plays. The right side of the brain houses our emotions, language, color perception and creativity. That means by tapping into our emotions, we have a tool to access and spark our creative engine. 

The left side of the brain on the other hand, houses rational and logical thinking, numbers, structure and planning. Thus it can function as the executor for the right brain ideas. 

Ina Griet’s goal is to add smiles and beauty to the world with her art. She is convinced that creativity feeds the soul, thus being essential for mental wellbeing. With the approach “Do what you can with what you have “(Theodore Roosevelt), “Onward ever- backward never” (Eizabeth Gilbert) and “Give me color” (Ina) she paints, makes puppets and marionettes, creates medieval style scrolls, makes “stuff” and writes poetry. Her preferred media is paint, paper, fabric and wood … often happily used together.   

About Don Emerson: 

Originally from Northern Ireland where he was born in 1952, Don eventually landed on the west coast in 1980 following postgraduate studies in geology at the University of Alberta and a ten year career in the petroleum industry. He subsequently embarked on a thirty year career in photography during which time he became one of the first tenants of the Old School House Arts centre during its restoration year in 1987. Largely self-taught, his only formal training was at the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria. The darkroom which he and Zoey Heath share on the lower floor pays homage to both traditional and alternate processes and has a digital component.