Gel Printing Fiesta for Beginners | April 6th 2024 12-3pm

$75.00 CAD

Gel Printing Fiesta for Beginners | April 6th 2024 12-3pm

$75 and a $10 materials fee to the instructor


A gel printing workshop for beginners is a fun and interactive art class aimed at introducing participants to the process of gel printing. Gel printing, also known as monoprinting, is a versatile and accessible printmaking technique that involves transferring images and textures onto paper or other surfaces using a gel plate.

During the workshop, participants will learn the basics of gel printing, including how to use various tools, apply paint or ink to the gel plate, create texture, and make prints. Silvina will guide attendees through different techniques and provide tips and tricks to achieve desired effects.

The workshop will involve hands-on activities, where participants will have the chance to experiment and explore their creativity. They will learn how to create unique and intricate prints using simple materials, such as stencils, found objects, and different mark-making tools.

No prior experience in printmaking is required, making this workshop perfect for beginners. Participants will leave the workshop with a collection of their own prints and newfound knowledge to continue exploring gel printing on their own.

Whether you're looking to discover a new art form, unwind creatively, or simply have a fun learning experience, the gel printing workshop for beginners is a great opportunity to dive into the world of printmaking and unleash your artistic potential.

 We will use only a 5x7" gel plate, provided by the teacher. 

Students must bring basic printer paper (8 1/2 x 11)
basic acrylic paints, a palette knife, an old credit card.

All classes and workshops are non-refundable. Cancellations made 7 days, or more in advance of the workshop or class date will receive 100% credit. 6 days before class, and no credit will be issued.