Dema Maksod - painting - War and Peace

$200.00 CAD

Dema Maksod - painting - War and Peace

Oil on canvas 16" x 16" 2021

While I was reading this book and Cera the lovely cat join  my wonderful  moment. I did this painting to share with other my feelings 

About Dema Maksod

I was attracted to art through my job as journalist. I was required to do stories about local artists, and the people that I met inspired me. I decided to study the making of art and discover my creative potential.

In 2012 I graduated from the art school. In a short time, I learned how to do sculpture, painting and ceramics. Within a few years I was exhibiting my art in a number of galleries throughout the region.  

My subjects tends to be moments in the lives of women. I present stories of women exhibiting  both their weakness to their strength. I paint my mother and sisters  and friends how and gatherings where we share stories of life and love.  In my paintings, the woman is the central subject: protagonist in scenes of love, awaiting, passion, pain, abandonment, desire, perversion.

The works born out of chaos, confusion and characterized by strong lines, quick, unfinished, scratchy. I want to  evoke emotions, narrate situations and tell life stories using a rich tapestry of textures and a wide variety of painting techniques. 

I use different type  of art colours and material as oil, acrylic and collage like golden foils and others.