Beads Of Joy - Plant sticks - various

$25.00 CAD

Beads Of Joy - ornament for plants or bouquets

Made by Wendy Joy Maurer

All my 'Beads of Joy' are created with care and love and, they are kiln annealed to ensure they will last many lifetimes.

Inspiration for these handcrafted glass beads comes from the colours in Wendy’s Garden, the lush forests surrounding her community and the ever-changing ocean outside her windows. Form and texture of foliage, light on water, intersecting lines of shadows, hues of sunrises and sunsets, a drop of rain on a leaf – all create joy in Wendy’s heart.  Wendy loves working with glass and each bead fills her with Joy. Coincidentally, her middle name is Joy, so that emotion is part of who she is and has always been.