Claire Olivier - Ceramics - Blue Fleck Bowl/Vase

$65.00 CAD

Claire Olivier - Ceramics - Blue Fleck Bowl/Vase

3.5" x 6"

Coil built porcelain vase

Bisque fired

Final quartz sealant  and beeswax application

Dry arrangements only


Claire has been creating ceramic work for  over 20 years.

In 2017 her family moved from Salt Spring Island to Qualicum Beach. Living in beautiful Coastal British Columbia, close to the Salish Sea and Douglas fir forests nurtures  and influences her creativity.

Her pit fired work strives to embrace that deep ancestral primal reaction to the arts made with fire, with the beauty of the cosmos, organic colour, curling smoke and scorching shadows.

For the table, her  work marries form, function and playful  abstract expressionism.   She decorates pieces with terra sigillata (similar to roman pottery) and slip. The work is finished with a  dishwasher safe glaze.