Cindy Mawle - painting - Short Story Teller

$850.00 CAD

Cindy Mawle - painting - Short Story Teller

20" x 20"

Acrylic and Collage

A father's childhood story book, yellowed and crumbling with age sits within his daughter's art studio drawer. Gingerly she lifts the pieces out, brushing off the dust as well as the wave of guilt that lingers in the air. Could this piece of her father's history ever be repaired? She already knows the answer, mutters an apology, takes a deep breath and tears the delicate pages into pieces.

About: C Mawle Art aka: Cindy ​- I am a born and raised Vancouver Islander who moved away to the prairies for 14 years.  The beauty of the island I once took for granted has been magnified upon my 2004 return and I now spend much of my time exploring and painting this amazing place in my studio.

What is my art all about you ask? Let me explain: 

Find a beautiful spot in undeveloped nature.  Stand or sit still and close your eyes.  Notice where you end and nature begins?  Can’t tell?  Perfect!  That's the feeling I am aiming for when I paint.  The essence of connection.  I wish for my art to remind others as it does me. A touchstone.