Catherine Fraser - painting - Ganges Harbour

$700.00 CAD

Catherine Fraser - painting - Ganges Harbour


Size: 24" x 18"

Artist Statement 
My creative process and experience of art is woven with diverse experiences and a holistic viewpoint. In all aspects of my work as an artist, as an art therapist and as a nurse I weave aspects of creativity.
I am interested in creativity and different ways of knowing (aesthetic and personal). Subject matter, materials and themes vary. Cycles of nature, birth, life, death and rebirth interest me as well as spiritual matters.

Art and Image Making
Images are depicted using a variety of mediums: watercolors, acrylics, pastels, and mixed media paintings on paper or canvas. Images are representational and abstract, painted in the outdoors and in the studio. Some images are directly painted and others are done by creating under paintings and layering paint on the top and working into and lifting off paint. I like to work on one veil painting a year where I weave hundreds of layers of watercolor on paper and wait for images to appear. This is a meditative way to paint. A continuous thread is painting nature and people.

I have painted professionally since 1983 and have had 35 one woman shows.
My paintings have been purchased by RNABC (Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia) and British Columbia Western Forest Products and many private collectors. I exhibit in 3 galleries and have 2 studio tours and or shows per year of my work. I am an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a full member of the Society of Layerists in Multi-media. (SLMM)

Other interests include 
traveling and painting and giving talks, nature, photography, painting, clay sculpture, people, tango dancing, plein air painting, a dog called Dustin, and my family.

My focus over the last two years has been on plein air painting, writing and giving talks on art, creativity and healing.
My intentions as an artist are to continue to grow, learn and explore using different materials and understandings. I hope you enjoy the imagery and can feel the heartbeat of the paintings.