BEAM PAINTS - Mixing 6

$75.00 CAD

BEAM PAINTS - paint - Mixing 6

Excerpt from BEAM: When Anong was in art school she went with a much loved but ragtag set of hand me down paints, and used those in a lot of her painting classes and not well! Raised by artists, and always in art class, Anong was quietly accepting that she was just not good at mixing colours, and would layer some but mostly use them from the tube or jar. Later as an artist Anong would look at colleagues who mixed beautiful hues with appreciation resigned to their standard palette. Then as a paint maker realized she just never had the right palette!!! This is the set, with these colours clean bright mixes happen effortlessly! Happy painting! 7/8 full pans to last a loooooog time


Beam Paints is the result of a multi-generational love of pigment, paint, colour, and innovation. Anong Beam was raised by artist parents, Carl Beam and Ann Beam, and was taught from a young age how to harvest hematite pigment in the LaCloche mountain range near their home in M'Chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island. Beam Paints draws on Anong’s early educations in Indigenous pigment and expands it to encompass all paint traditions. A focus on high quality pigment content creates sublime artist materials, with plastic free packaging.

 Lightfast pigments, tree sap, gum Arabic, and Manitoulin honey, blend together to create a handmade saturated colour that is a joy to paint with. From thick stripes to fine washes and details, quality is evident in every stroke. Beam watercolours are shaped into paint stones, their version of a half-pan, before being wrapped in beeswaxed canvas. Beam pans are packaged in slices of cedar and birch offcuts from an Indigenous sustainable lumber operation.

Thank you for supporting indigenous family business! The paints you have selected are made with local manitoulin honey, wildcrafted tree sap, hand-gathered, washed and sifted manitoulin stone, and the finest lightfast pigments. We strive to be a plastic free company and we make all our packaging either hand-cut and sanded reclaimed white cedar and birch, or, wrappers, hand printed in the shop with plant based inks, and waxed with local beeswax. 

To see our process and mini tutorials visit - instagram@beampaints and beampaints. com