Atmospheric Watercolours with Faith Love Robertson - April 11th and 12, 2024 10am to 3pm

$110.00 CAD

Atmospheric Watercolours with Faith Love Robertson

April 11th and 12, 2024 10am to 3pm


Atmospheric Watercolour – This course is great for everyone because there is a minimum of drawing and a maximum of free style paint applications.

Painting with layers and lifting techniques to achieve plays of light in different atmospheric conditions. 
Underpainting to create the impression of emerging light. Wet on Wet techniques to capture an incoming storm – mixing darks to accent the moonlight. 
We shall use special colour mixes and applications to portray effects of moisture in the air, low light and high light conditions.

I will bring reference material for you but if you have something that presents an atmospheric challenge and would like to discuss it please feel free to bring it.

If you have any questions please be in touch and the instructor can discuss before class any issues you may have. 

Please bring:


  • at least one full sheet of 140 lb watercolour paper with medium or cold pressed surface 
  • I like to use a basic 5 colour palette – ultramarine blue, pthalo blue, medium yellow ( hansa or new gamboge), permanent rose and burnt sienna. With these 5 colours you can mix just about anything. If you have other colours please bring them.
  • Sketching pencil, soft eraser, ruler, sketch paper

  • masking tape or painters tape
  • masking fluid
  • you'll need at least 3 basic brushes – a 1” flat, a #6 or #7 round, and a rigger or liner #2 or #4 bring your favourites no matter what they are

  • a painting support to lay your painting surface on

  • rags 

  • a spray bottle for water

  • a hand held hair dryer ( I will bring one but it helps to have more than one in the room.

  • Miscellaneous – an apron, a sea sponge, lunch, something to drink to stay hydrated, sea salt or table salt for texture making "


All classes and workshops are non-refundable. Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the workshop or class date will receive 100% credit. 6 days before class and no credit will be issued.