Arches - Watercolour Single Sheet - Rough - 22x30 90lb

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Arches - Watercolour Single Sheet -  Rough - 22x30 90lb

Single Sheet

Arches 185g (90lb) natural white watercolour paper  Rough - 22x30 90lb
Made traditionally on a cylinder mould, ARCHES® Watercolour Paper features a harmonious natural grain. Composed of 100% cotton long fibres, it can absorb large amounts of water with limited deformation. it is gelatin-sized to the core, which gives it added strength to resist erasing and scratching without tearing or linting. This quality paper is ideal for watercolour painting, as well as other wet techniques such as ink, gouache and acrylic. Specifications: 185 g, with alkaline reserve, acid-free, no optical brightening agents, fungicidal treatment to prevent the appearance of mould.