Alexa Johnston - Jewelry - Structural Ring - Point

$80.00 CAD

Alexa Johnston - handmade sterling silver jewellery

1 sterling silver pointed ring - size 7.5

1 sterling silver pointed ring - size 8 

As far back as she can remember, Alexa has always been drawn to making art and mess with her hands. She has loved and explored all types of materials, from painting with acrylics/watercolours to gold and silversmithing. As an abstract artist, Alexa draws inspiration from nature and her surroundings. She loves being enveloped by the ocean and the forests around her home on Vancouver Island. Where Alexa is in the world appears in her work and feels both vibrant and ethereal. Surrounded by the beauty of nature in the Pacific Northwest, its colours, shapes, and textures are often woven throughout her work.