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Jan 30, 2022,Sarah Hagen, TOSH Meeker Piano Celebration - Classical

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The Goldberg Variations with Sarah Hagen - Classical 

About Sarah Hagen:

When as a child I first understood what it meant to pull notes off a page, throw them into the air, and wonder at their magical effects, I knew that music would forever be my life:  my oxygen, my solace, my offering.

I was recently asked what inspires me. This is both an impossible question and a no-brainer. Everything inspires me: my astounding colleagues, strange dreams after a midnight feast with friends, three words strung together in a novel, a ridiculous joke, baskets of poignant memories.

Let's see... What else describes me, in 10 words or less?

Well... to be honest, I take my whiskey neat.

When: Sunday, Jan 30, 2022 at 2:30 (Doors at 2:00 pm)


The Meeker Piano Celebration will be held: 

The Old Schoolhouse Arts Centre 

122 Fern Road West,

Qualicum Beach, British Columbia,

Performances are approx. 75 mins long with festival seating. 

The cost of the tickets is be $35 + GST 

Students tickets are $20 + GST. 

Students must call TOSH at 250 752-6133 to get their tickets.  

 The cost of the tickets has increased to account for inflation of program expenses, which includes paying musicians a fair wage. TOSH does not make any profits from the music program and relies on ticket sales to break even.

Everyone in attendance must be vaccinated and wear a mask. There is a max of 50 tickets per show, allowing for adequate seating space.

Tickets are nonrefundable.

TOSH will hold credit for concerts that are cancelled due to health regulations caused by the pandemic.

Concerts may be rescheduled at short notice due to health regulations, in that case, ticket holders will have a valid ticket for the rescheduled date. If the date doesn’t work for the ticket holder, the individual can request a refund with a 10% charge as an admin fee. 

Policies may change if necessary and shows may be cancelled or postponed due to public health orders