Kate Bridger - fabric art - Logged In

$395.00 CAD

Kate Bridger - fabric art - Logged In

Textile Medium 

Size: 19.5" x 19.5" Framed

About Kate Bridger

My foray into Fabric Art began in the early 1980s when I lived with my husband and two small children in a remote pulp and paper town in Northern Ontario. The winters were long and nasty and the summers were short and buggy; there was plenty of time to pursue new interests. Having always enjoyed working with fabrics, I began making wall hangings for my children’s rooms. When their walls were amply covered, I fine-tuned my techniques, tested the marketplace and developed the art form that I have remained committed to ever since.

Over two decades later, my work has appeared in magazines, won awards and is displayed in homes and businesses around the world. I have created well over 200 original pieces featuring landscapes, wildlife, house portraits, old cars, household objects and abstracts. My sources of inspiration include northern Ontario, the Kootenays, British countryside, Tuscan villages, Greek islands, Nelson New Zealand and my own backyard. I am as excited about classical architecture and pastoral vistas as I am about unkempt alleys, rusty trucks and crumbling barns. 

My family and I moved to Nelson in 1994. Two years later, I opened an art and furnishing gallery downtown. I operated the business for almost a decade. It brought all my design, art, marketing and business skills together under one umbrella. 

In 2006, I closed the Gallery. Since then—while exploring a variety of other vocations, including retail, ad sales and real estate, as well as travelling and successfully launching my two sons into the world—I have continued to work in Fabric Art, selling my work in BC and overseas and through my website.

In December, 2019, I moved to Comox, BC where I am thoroughly enjoying exploring and stitching my new environs.