Sandra & Eryn Russell - Children's Book - Callie's Big Adventure

$16.99 CAD

In the story "Callie's Big Adventure" it is Moving Day and Callie the Cat is exploring her new home. As Callie begins to feel comfortable inside her new home she decides to explore outside. Through the night, Callie discovers new plants and animals in her yard. All is fine until Callie is surprised by the morning irrigation system. Soaking wet, she races back to the house to the safety of her litter box. Unfortunately, in her haste to escape the sprinklers, Callie is surprised to discover, she is drenched, covered in dirt, and has several rose vines wrapped around her. In the end, Callie discovers home is the best place to be! Until next time that is…

Author's Note:
Following a pet incident when moving into my new home, I wrote this account of what happened through the eyes of my cat and dog. As a retired teacher, I wanted to share this funny story to illustrate that animals can have a hard time settling into their new home and the importance of the litter box when moving your cat to a new home.